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A bunch of news:
-) The case for the EEG is (more or less) finished.
-) I built new googles which are based on an arduino board. I dont really like the board but I had it around and its ok for prototyping. Anyway I am currently planning another update with swimming googles which should be more flexible and comfortable for wearing.
-) Measuring the effect of the mindmachine input finally works! (: After lots of lots of reading, trying, playing around, trial & error, .. I managed to get significant data. The clue was to find the right measuring points and algorithm to analyse the data. I could get the best results by measuring O1-O2 and C3-C4 (where O1-O2 is way better). I could not get any significant data on any other measuring points I tried. I have still no idea why crossing the hemispheres works best (and I had a hard time figuring out that this is the right way). Ad algorithm: Basically I use a bunch of bandpass filters to seperate the frequency components, do FFT on them, collect their power level and analyse their median values using a sliding window over time.

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