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December 18 2008

Assembled amplifier
More assembled amplifiers
Amplifier with signal cable
More amplifiers with signal cables..

December 17 2008

November 23 2008

I am currently building the ModularEEG since I already received the PCBs from Olimex.

For the board to board cable one can use a floppy cable with three connectors. The cables between two of the connectors are twisted. The cables between the other two are untwisted and can be used.

Details how to build the cable for the serial connection to the PC and the programming cable are listed in the schematics file.

For now I use a 9V battery but I may have to switch to another power source.

November 18 2008

Good news

  • I have already ordered the ModularEEG boards from Olimex. They should arrive within three weeks.
  • Christian El-Salloum is my supervisor. I had a very inspiring conversation with him yesterday about this project. (:

November 10 2008

I am currently playing around with a new development board. Implementing the old features is almost finished and i experiment with some new features: sinus waveforms (sound much better than square waveforms), configureable light frequency with much higher granularity, a display, uart (for debugging and communication with the eeg).

Can't wait for the ModularEEG boards.. (:

November 05 2008

3714 5991 500
That's what the mindmachine currently looks like. (:
Reposted byjuip456 juip456
I still need a supervisor from university for this project - hope to find one soon. Just went throught some slides which describe how to (not) write a scientific paper.
A few days ago I read through a bunch of Wikipedia articles to get an idea of what the binaureal beat and frequency following response/brainwave synchronization phenomena are about.

I wonder if this project gets me more into lucid dreaming - I would love to! (:
Looking for a (more or less) cheap EEG I found the OpenEEG project. I will probably build the ModularEEG because the costs are quite low (<200€) and it's quite easily extendable to six channels if I find that I really need more than two. Another alternative seems to be the MonolithEEG but it's not extendable so I stick with the ModularEEG.
I already finished building the brain machine by Mitch Altman. I will probably have to build a completely new board for this project, but it's a good start I guess.

November 01 2008

Opening post..

I will post the current status of the project here within the next weeks.. (:

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