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July 15 2010

September 12 2009

New googles

I already finished the swimming googles with white LEDs. Pictures will be posted soon.

September 05 2009


A bunch of news:
-) The case for the EEG is (more or less) finished.
-) I built new googles which are based on an arduino board. I dont really like the board but I had it around and its ok for prototyping. Anyway I am currently planning another update with swimming googles which should be more flexible and comfortable for wearing.
-) Measuring the effect of the mindmachine input finally works! (: After lots of lots of reading, trying, playing around, trial & error, .. I managed to get significant data. The clue was to find the right measuring points and algorithm to analyse the data. I could get the best results by measuring O1-O2 and C3-C4 (where O1-O2 is way better). I could not get any significant data on any other measuring points I tried. I have still no idea why crossing the hemispheres works best (and I had a hard time figuring out that this is the right way). Ad algorithm: Basically I use a bunch of bandpass filters to seperate the frequency components, do FFT on them, collect their power level and analyse their median values using a sliding window over time.

August 19 2009

Recommended book:
Stephan Zschocke - Klinische Elektroenzephalographie
(dont know the english title)

August 06 2009

Brainwave entrainment

Digging deeper into the brainwave entrainment (aka frequency following response) phenomena. I will post some more information about that topic during the next days.
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August 05 2009

EEG software

After evaluating a lot of free (as in beer and/or speech) EEG software, brainbay is the way to go for me (although it is windows only software). It is licensed under GPL and has a great feature-set.

August 02 2009

instructions of use for Ag/AgCl electrodes

-) clean immediatly after use
-) only use (mild) saline solution or destilled/deionized water (no tap water or soap!)
-) dont let the paste dry
-) dont let them get in touch with metal
-) if the electrodes arent being used for several weeks, put them into saline solution for at least three hours
-) the skin should be clean and dry where the electrodes will be attached
-) use sufficient amount of paste before use

August 01 2009

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July 31 2009

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July 19 2009

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March 28 2009

Since the summer semester started I do not have much time to spend working on the machine.
Next steps:
  • Do some more tests with the screening
  • Put the EEG in a case (which I already have)
  • Continue playing around with the head mounting to get a "final" version.

and.. take some pictures (the ones here are quite outdated).

February 23 2009

@red667 "suspend2rem" has 0 hits in google. Maybe this thing  got a name finally.. (;

Status quo

The EEG is working fine now. I'm currently rebuilding the silver chloride electrodes as they work better as pure silver electrodes.
I will do some tests if shielding the amplifier results in even less noise. Besides that the case has still to be done (i will receive one within the next days) and so has the head mounting - I played around with some kind of headband and other stuff but I am not happy with any of that yet. Anyway.. progress is being made and the EEG actually *is* working! Yai! (:

February 04 2009

I already did the first runs with the test-setup! (:

December 18 2008

Drilled but uncut pcbs
Reposted byMelissaWinfield MelissaWinfield
Drilled and cut pcb
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